Blue — 2015

A colour.

The reflection of the sky in the sea in the sky in the sea.

A colour of summer or night or a cold winter’s day.


A butterfly’s wings, peacock feather.

The colour of windy weather.

The colour of me.

A mood.

A darkening hole disappearing deep, deep.

Caverns of rain on a blue, blue day, pushing away from the sun.

Blue is fun.

A water slide, an afternoon’s play.

Or clouds lining the sky on a day that says “come fly. Fly away on a whoosh of air that’s blue. But not like you.”

Like the rush of excitement when adrenaline kicks in and blue wins for a moment.

Ice and snow, a bright blue glow rims white

As sunny day gives way to night,

The bitter cold reminding there is light in blue.

In blue.

In a blue that’s dark with midnight hue or the bottomless depths of the sea.

Where blue is free.





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