Alternative Ending for the Tempest: Shylock’s Soliloquy — c.2007

Why I ask, why is the world not my friend,

Why does the air I breathe contaminate

The Christians air? I see the world, one

World in all eyes human, yet cracked in two.

Why can’t I cry without my tears named ‘Jew’?

Why can’t I walk without thy feet staining

The path? I cannot laugh without being

Thought rash. I cannot live without ducats,

Jewels, daughter- stolen from mine own house.

I live in a world where rooks sneer at me,

Where they censure my movements; night after

Night, day after day, I’m isolated.

This harsh, cruel world where the Christians sneap

And pluck the Jewish blood out of our bones,

It amorts, darkens the Venetian streets

And crucifies our lives to an Antick.

Never can I see my Christian Ducats,

My Christian jewels, my Christian daughter.

For they have gone along with the devil,

With the Christians that spit upon our graves,

No longer can I see her eyes, my eyes,

Together beneath one darkened sky.

Jessica, sweet Jessica, I’m not a

Father you’ve always needed and desired,

I can’t amend, I can forever mourn

The loss of my one love; my Jessica.

My daughter is my soul on which I live

And dream and breathe, yet our lives, our dreams, our

Breath is shattered through curse of damned Christians.

I cry out for my own Sacred Nation

To not hide, but stand a valiant crowd

In front of dirty, angry Rabato’s.

So when we walk, we do not stain the path,

So when we laugh we are not the devil,

So when we whet our knives, we get revenge

And when an oath is made, ‘tis not broken.

But ‘til I am gone, I will hold this true:

I am no Christian, I am a Jew.





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