I am a Poppy, Red — 2011

You are the sunshine burning bright,

The moonlight’s pale glow,

The sky at sunset and at dawn,

The first cold flakes of snow.


You are the storms, the wind, the rain,

Thunder, lightning, hail.

You are the boats adrift at sea,

The rudder, oar and sail.


You are the soft songs of the birds,

The bright new blades of grass,

You are the months that have been shed

And the seasons yet to pass.


You are the earth, you are the air,

You’re water and you’re fire,

The red rust on a rifle shell,

Wool caught on barbed wire.


You are the harvest corn on fields

And their roots which reach below;

You are all this forever more,

White crosses row on row.


New life is born, because you lie

In your earthen bed,

Because of you, I’m standing tall,

I am a poppy, red.




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